Leasing Centre

Our Leasing Centre in Kingston has offered a unique alternative for car and truck shoppers in the region since 1994, and we are happy to provide the same services to our customers at Kingston Honda.

We focus entirely on providing you with accurate, unbiased information on the new Honda or used vehicle that best suits your needs and your budget. Our comprehensive knowledge of the vehicle market – costs, future values, specifications and service requirements – is a result of nearly 20 years’ experience with all makes and models of vehicles.

Our leases are as flexible as you need them to be: instead of being restricted to 2-, 3- or 4-year terms with limited mileage options, your lease from Kingston Honda’s Leasing Centre can last any number of months, from 6 to 60, and allow for the number of kilometres you are likely to drive.

Vehicle Leasing made easy … and fun.

These days it’s hard, if not impossible, to find the time to shop for a new or used vehicle. Most people have to rearrange their schedule, load up the kids, dog and whatever else is a part of their life, and go visit a number of car dealers. They are then bombarded with information that may or may not even be relevant to what they are really looking for in a vehicle.

Since 1994, car and truck shoppers from Kingston and beyond have been able to benefit from the alternative approach offered by the Leasing Centre. We are dedicated to making things as convenient as possible for our customers, and our entire focus is on providing our customers with accurate and unbiased information to help them choose the vehicle that best answers their needs and wishes.